NEASE has experience and capability to take complete turkey power plant projects from Consultancy to Installation.

Company carries out Grid connected & Stand alone Solar power plant Projects of:


Stand Alone


Grid Connected


250Wp – 4KW

5KW – 150 KW

500 KW- 5MW


5KW – 20 KW

20KW – 50KW

5MW – 20 MW

Company provides project solution:

  • Initial project feasibility assessment
  • Project design documents (PDD) and obtaining the requisite approvals from the   government
  • Technology selection, project engineering, implementation & erection
  • Complete Generation monitoring system to verify the Units being generated
  • Solar panel, Inverters, Electronics, Safety and monitoring system procurement
  • Complete system implementation on site
  • 10 years maintenance contract

Grid connected system:

Grid Connected System is connected to utility grid and feeds power back into the grid. The system consists of PV panel connected to grid tie inverter. The power produced by the PV system can be either supplied to loads or fed back into grid when the PV system Output is greater than the load demand. When the PV system output is less than the load demand (e.g. at night), energy will be consumed from the utility grid. Solar grid connected system varies in size from residential to solar power stations.

Stand Alone System:

Stand-alone Solar Power System or Stand-alone PV System operates independent of the electric utility grid (off-grid) and most often uses in remote areas where the utility grid is not available or where the connection fees of the grid are higher than the cost of an alternative energy system. Stand-alone Solar Power System is used to power remote home, school or village. The generated DC power needs to be stored in battery and converted to AC power for supplying to AC loads.