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Neety Euro-Asia Solar Energy- NEASE (A Group of Neety International) are leading solar photovoltaic modules manufacturer located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. We are expert manufacturer of Mono crystalline and Multi(Poly) crystalline solar panels.

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NEASE provides the complete Performance Spectrum in regard to generate power from sunlight, from the initial planning phases through to delivering fully functional turnkey solar solutions.

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Our mission is to provide innovative solar solutions and deliver sustainable energy options for a cleaner environment and future.

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  • Win Global Accolades by Offering Innovation in Strategies
  • Design World Class Products & Deliver World Class Experience.
  • Align Global Business Opportunities with the Objective of Nation Building.

Neety International took a giant leap ahead in the year 2008 by establishing our solar brand division to enable customers gets benefit of friendly home appliances. Adding a feather to their cap full of success, now Neety International is manufacturers of our solar brand products name as Neety Euro-Asia Solar Energy (NEASE).

Being customer-oriented, we stand ready as a committed advisor to customers by providing package service and one-stop solutions to customers and by letting customers enjoy consumption experiences. We do not only sell solar production, we focus more on creating value for customers and achieving a win-win situation by providing thorough services before, during and after sales. Through sufficient communications with customers, we become aware of customers primary and immediate needs.

NEASE has been fully integrated Solar Module Manufacturing facilities and Solar Electronics manufacturer. We are expert manufacturer of Monocrystalline and Multicrystalline cell solar panels. Manufacturing facility is based upon the lamination technology for terrestrial use using glass as super state and includes complete steps for production from full solar cells as well as cut solar cells for power. We are manufacturing the Solar Photovoltaic Modules with the basic plant capacity of 20 MWp per year to be expandable up to 50 MWp.