Warranty Guide

Please contact us immediately upon the malfunction of the production at any time during the warrantee period. Sufficient after-sales service, maintenance and repairs shall be provided promptly by us upon your request.

Before-sales Service

Keeping pace with technological advancements in Solar products at home and abroad, Neety International has kept introducing and developing various advanced and excellent production to meet the diverse needs from different customer groups and to help our customers to improve the quality and efficiency of life.

By promoting in different media and different ways, we hope to draw greater customers attention to our products and services and to enable more customers to enjoy the benefits of advanced technologies in work, learning and life.

In-sales Service

Being customer-oriented, we stand ready as a committed advisor to customers by providing package service and one-stop solutions to customers and by letting customers enjoy consumption experiences. We do not only sell solar production, we focus more on creating value for customers and achieving a win-win situation by providing thorough services before, during and after sales.

Through sufficient communications with customers, we become aware of customers primary and immediate needs. We then come up with several purchase solutions for customers to choose from. The purpose of offering solutions with different prices and features is to help customers decide on the most satisfactory and most cost/performance effective combination at the lowest cost.

Solutions, if deemed unsatisfactory to customers, can be communicated to adjusted by our sales people till they become fully acceptable to customers. If failed at this stage, entirely different solutions can be worked out by our sales managers in close collaboration with professional people.

After-sales Service

All the production sold are tracked and all the buyers are kept in touch by our customer service people. Feedbacks from users are gathered, classified and reported to responsible departments, so that the Company is conscious of the steps to take in order to improve the level of our after-sales service.

We take pride in the professional after-sales service team that is formed by a number of engineers who are experienced and sufficiently qualified in maintaining and repairing the machines. Being responsible to users, to products and to business ethic, we shall make the best endeavors to provide most prompt and quality service at the lowest possible cost and keep customers informed of upgraded production and solutions.