Split solar water heating system ( Product Code : 12)

The split solar water heating system is such a system that separates the heat collector from the water tank,and transfers the solar energy collected by the heat collector to the water tank for the hot water through the natural or forced cycle of medium. split solar water heating system has such merits as large water storage, good heat-collecting effect, long insulation work time, intelligent operation, load-bearing running, and convenient and reliable use. So it is the ideal selection for home hot water scheme.

The characteristics:
1. It mainly includes such parts as solar collector, water tank, solar energy station, controller, radiator and pipeline.
2. The solar collector and the water tank are parted, the installation position of collector and water tank is flexible, so this kind of product can be combined with the architecture perfectly.
3. Circulation medium is antifreeze, get better freeze proof effect and never scale.
4. Intelligentized control.
5. Bear pressure circulation, water capacity is big, can supply hot water for many pipelines.
6. It can use the electric heater as supplement for solar energy.
Can connected with heating system (obligate central heating interface)


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