NEASE-926 Multi-Purpose Solar Charger ( Product Code : 15)


ESL-926A (2.2Watt): Use thin film solar cell

ESL-926P (4Watt): Use crystalline solar cell

(Charging 6 pcs of  1.2V AAA size batteries)

  • Price do not include batteries
  • Price include one connecting wire and one multi-purpose adaptor and one Mobile phone adaptor

Description: Multi-purpose solar charger

A book size solar charger that have 6V/12V output, which can charge a wide range of application from Mobile phone to digital camera.  Also has a built in battery cabin where consumer can charge 6 pcs of AAA rechargeable batteries, solar charger has a 7.2V output which can take power from the batteries.

Packing Information

Package: 10 pcs / carton (white inner carton + outer carton)

Outer carton size: 39.5X29X21cm

Gross weight: 12Kgs

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