Split Wall Type Solar Air Conditioner:


Standard Type
12000 BTU, 18000 BTU, 20000 BTU, 24000 BTU, 36000 BTU
  • Leading technology of Luxury LED design line up to 48000BTU
  • Energy Saving up to 50% compared with ordinary air conditioner
  • Wide reliable working temperature;
  • World famous reliable compressor: Hitachi & Mitsubishi
  • Saving energy at anytime, and any weather.
  • Health technology fully improving the air quality (optional)
  • Elegant appearance & latest design
  • Intelligent remote control & 24 hours timer function
  • Auto restart
  • Auto mode


Four-fold Heat Exchanger: NEASE Solar Air Conditioner adopts Four-fold Type Heat Exchanger, as one of the core components of the solar air conditioner. Its heat exchange effective area is increased by 20%~30% than the V type and Flat-plate heat exchanger, which greatly improves the cooling and heating capacity.

Hydrophilic aluminum foil : The ordinary aluminum forms water bridge after condensation, then blocks the air channel, and reduces conduction properties, which reduce the cooling capacity. Hydrophilic aluminum foil forms lamellar water film after condensation, which will not block the air channel and decrease.


  • World brand-name compressor, high reliability and long-lived running;
  • Long-range and wide-angle powerful air supply, comfortable in every corner;
  • Active LCD was shiny with colors and lights;
  • Intelligent desiccant, plum-rain season and the air more pleasant;
  • Multi-automatic protection function.


Ceiling type and floor-type can be installed smoothly.: Based on the environment, the indoor unit can be installed on the ceiling, on the floor or on the wall, fresh and beautiful.


Easy installation and maintenance : The indoor unit adopts light weight design and the suspension structure is provided with, which can be installed easily below the normal ceiling board, so as to make up for the insufficiency of the embedded air conditioners. Normal maintenance and repair can be conducted at the bottom of the air conditioner and the required space is much smaller, more favorable for maintenance and repair.


Wide angle air supply : Super wide angle air supply is adopted, the vertical distance of the air supply can reach four meters, the up and down amplitude is about 70 degrees and the left and right amplitude is about 100 degrees, making the comfortable airflow reach the whole room.


Low-noise running : Excellent silence processing technology. Multi-section large diameter fan blade is adopted and the blast volume is greater, which can effectively reduce the noise produced at the running time.


Working Principle:-

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